We definitely had a "Case of The Mondays."

Back after a weekend that went by much too fast, we chatted about how exciting the NFL playoffs were yesterday, so exciting in fact, that Kid was a wee bit hungover, after a "Sunday Funday."

Also, we gave a birthday shout out to the legendary Tim Throckmotron, who for years was a member of the WABI-TV 5 team, and we reminisced abut the time we all had dinner in Bangor at a now closed tapas restaurant that had giant yards of beer. Happy Birthday, Timmy!

And of course, we had morons, and weird news to share today as well:

"Ahh ooh Werewolves of Pakistan?"-Police in Pakistan's city of Peshwar, arrested a dude who was dressed in a werewolf costume on New Year's Eve, after he was driving around on his motorcycle roaring at people, which they did not take too kindly to.

"The 158th time is the charm"-A 42-year old man in Britain finally got his driver's license after failing the test a whopping 157 times. Now a woman in her 30s holds the current record there, having failed 117 times. Fingers are crossed that 118 is her lucky number.

"999, How may I help you?"-Bumbling robbers accidentally butt dialed 9-9-9, which is England's version of 9-1-1. The police were able to listen to their crime right up until the point that patrol cars arrived on the scene to arrest them. Well done, fellas.

"She don't lie, she don't lie, she don't lie, cocaine"-A woman in Brazil got arrested after she was caught on a bus, and her baby bump turned about to be a watermelon filled with four bricks of cocaine. This also led to a chat about a man who shoved 17 bags of heroin up his butt, which led to Todd grossing us out with a theory on that. Drugs are bad kids, mmm'kay?

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