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It was a pretty wild weekend for Sarah & Todd. First off, yesterday Sarah is about 100% certain that her young 3-year old son Jack, (who is a bonafide handful) swallowed a LEGO piece, which of course led to the realization that it will be even more painful coming out, then it was going in.

You may remember Sarah's amazingly funny song about her son, "Shifty Ass Jack"

On Saturday, Todd Simcox revealed that while strolling through the Broadway Hannaford parking lot, he got jumped by Z Morning Show legend, and Bangor's only superhero, The Brown Hornet. And as predicted, not only did he scare the living crap out of Todd, evidently he is not aware that we are in the middle of a pandemic, since he put him in a bear hug. So much for social distancing there BH!

If you need a refresher course on the one and only Brown Hornet, we have compiled his greatest hits from the show over the years, and a video of him showing up in the Z parking lot to do football drills. Yes, you read that correctly.

And Kid wrapped things up by spilling coffee in his eye this morning.

Todd's forecast for today is calling for cloudy with a chance of scattered showers, and possibly a thunderstorm, with humid conditons with a high of 80. Tonight he is calling for clouds and showers during the overnight with a low of 60. Tomorrow it's more of the same, except this time the thunderstorms could be severe!

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