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Lots of juicy topics on our daily segment with WABI TV-5’s Todd Simcox today!

Oops Chris Evans

Todd seems dumbfounded that someone could accidently post a picture of their junk on Instagram, which is exactly what “Captain America” actor, Chris Evans did. As you can see from his tweet, he does however have a sense of humor about it.

The Uneaten Burrito-I was devastated to walk into work at 5:30 in the morning, and find a buffalo chicken/mac & cheese burrito courtesy of our friends at Tacorita, that had been left there for me the previous day around noon, after I had left for home, and no one bothered to refrigerate it, so the debate then began. To eat, or not to eat?, that was the question. Although, if it sat there for almost 18 hours, the answer would have to be a big fat no. Throwing it in the garbage just about made me cry.

The Haunted Toilet-Creepy and scary or just weird? Haunted Houses are going to be a bit different for Halloween this year due to COVID-19, but one in Japan is just plain odd.

The Lagunasia theme park’s Corona Horror Fest 2020 (which is actually a great title to describe the entire year) has installed a haunted toilet. Yeah, you read that correctly.

It’s actually based on the story of of Hanako-san, a Japanese folk-legend about the ghost of a dead girl who haunts bathrooms. This of course is extremely appealing to Todd, who has a bizarre obsession with toilets.

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