If you don't wake up with The Z Morning Show, why bother waking up at all?

As we wrapped up the final week of Sarah working from home (Yes, she will finally back with us in the studio on Monday!) We found yet another story about how this COVID-19 pandemic is bringing out the ugly underbelly of society, a story about something that may make eating out in a restaurant weirder that it already will be, and a creepy occurrence at a funeral.

"Drive-Poo Window"-Law enforcement in Georgia is on the lookout for a crazy woman who for some reason, decided to toss a squeeze bottle full of urine and feces at the person working the drive-thru at Taco Bell in Augusta. Why the hell she did this is anyone's guess, but rest assured, Judge Todd laid down the law with his punishment.

"Stop staring at me"-A restaurant in South Carolina has come up with an unusual way to keep tables compliant with social distancing guidelines. They are putting blow-up dolls in empty seats in an effort to make the room look full. The Open Hearth opened it's door back up, and instead of using yellow police tape, or roping tables off, they decided to use some G-rated dolls. Are they creepy? Yes. Are they funny?. Definitely.

"That's it for me, goodnight!"-This is super freaky. Imagine you were at a funeral, which is never a pleasant experience, and it turns out that after the fact, someone watched a video of the service (who does that by the way!) and they notice that as the white casket, with a glass panel is being lowered into the ground, the body not only moves, but appears to wave goodbye! This happened in Manado, Indonesia. At first people feared that maybe this person was buried alive, but experts say that this could be a case of rigor mortis. Either way, creepy as hell.

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