It was an almost pain free Z Morning Show today...almost

I was back on the mic today after suffering a brutal neck strain that left me unable to turn my head, which made drving home from Brewer to Bangor, a real adventure on Wednesday. This is where "Icy Hot" came to the rescue, and of course Todd took great pleasure in my pain, and although he tried to offer up a rather weak attempt at sincerity, it pretty much fell flat. Luckily, I am on the mend, and we had some funny stories to share with you this morning. Oh, and while I got ya here, a very Happy Birthday to Todd's son, Connor!

"Mom, don't touch my porn!"- This is fairly humiliating. A 42 year-old man from Muncie, Indiana, named David Werking, had to move back into his parents home after getting divorced, that happens, but you certainly don't expect mom & dad to go through your stuff and destroy it. Dave had himself quite an extensive collection of porn, inlcuding DVD's VHS tapes (Yes, you read that right), and toys....ewwww. Werking, filed a federal lawusit against his folks, and he won. What victory for porno lovers everywhere.

"jk lol"-You really should check the spelling on any text you send. A woman in Menasha, Wisconsin, sent a messgae to her dad, to let him know that she was being "swabbed" for COVID-19, but auto-correct had other ideas when it changed the word to "stabbed". Naturally, dad freaked out, and eight officers from the Menasha Police Department where sent to her residence, where they found no one home, because of course she was getting a COVID test.

"Hide and Seek"-Damien Mestas of Salt Lake City, Utah, was found hiding in a clothes dryer (which sounds comfy) after he hit a crusier, then led the cops on a high speed chase. He also mamaged to evade the police when they found him in the dryer. In fact, Mestas, kicked one officer in the arm with such force, that the guys arm went numb. He faces numerous charges, but he smells linen fresh from his time in the clothes dryer.

Have a great weekend, and we will catch you bright and early at 6am!

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