Anyone who grew up in the Old Town area most likely remembers Johnny's Restaurant.

Nestled right on the end corner of Main St., Johnny's was a great little hole-in-the-wall spot to grab a great plate of homecooked breakfast or lunch. I remember many a Sunday morning where my family would hit up Johnny's after church for some of the best eggs and bacon in town. Food from Johnny's fed Old Town locals and those passing through, for decades, until it sadly closed its doors about eight years ago.

While it may no longer have been an operational restaurant, the memory of Johnny's permeated through the community, like legendary haunts tend to do. And those memories made their way to the ears of one local businessman who couldn't help but be captivated by the thought of such a charming little down-home spot, so close to home.

According to a recent Bangor Daily News article, Sunny Patel, owner of Tim's Little Big Store, which has been across from Johnny's for as far back as I can remember, got the idea to reopen the restaurant after hearing his customers rave about the iconic eatery.

And one of the folks Patel called for help reopening Johnny's was a gal who essentially grew up there! Dottie Ehman started working at Johnny's when she was 15. As the restaurant changed hands over the decades, Ehman worked for several of the different owners, learning all the little tricks of the trade.

Now in her '70s, Ehman says she accepted Patel's proposal to manage the shop without hesitation, because to her, it felt like she was going home.

courtesy: Joshua Heikkinen

They opened, quietly, just a few days after Christmas, and so far, the response has been overwhelming.

courtesy: Joshua Heikkinen

While the space inside of Johnny's isn't huge, they have been able to keep their tables 6 feet apart and everyone inside is masked. Ehman says the community has really been supportive of all the safety guidelines and they haven't had an issue with anyone not abiding by the rules.


courtesy: Joshua Heikkinen

According to the Johnny's Family Restaurant Facebook Page, they are open for dine-in from 6AM-2PM every day. And Ehman says they're doing a great deal of take-out, too.

courtesy: Joshua Heikkinen
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