Welcome to Vacationland, Brenna!

Brenna Redding is an adventurous young lady. She has her own YouTube channel called “Brenna’s Perfect Adventures” where she visits places all over the United States and posts some great videos that highlight her trips.

On a recent trip to the great state of Maine, Brenna checked some iconic spots in Bangor, Stockton Springs, Bar Harbor, and Boothbay Harbor. I always enjoy watching videos of people coming to Maine for the first time. It’s interesting to see their perspective of things that all of us who live here sometimes take for granted.

In her first video, she heads to the Penobscot Narrows Observatory, the first bridge observation tower in the United States and the tallest public bridge observatory in the world. The tower reaches 420 feet into the air and allows visitors to view the bridge, the nearby Fort Knox State Historic Site, the Penobscot River, and Bay.

Then, she visits my neighborhood to stop by West Broadway in Bangor, where our most famous celebrity lives, checking out Stephen King’s house, which on any given day can be a hotbed of activity, with tourists coming from all over the world to take a peek.

In a second video, she heads to the home of the first US sunrise at Acadia National Park. They drove to the top of Cadillac Mountain and picked out the perfect spot to watch the sunrise. They also stopped at Jordan Pond, The Beehive, Sand Beach, and the truly awesome, Thunder Hole.

Finally, you really haven’t lived till you see fin whales? Brenna went whale watching in Boothbay Harbor, on the Capn' Fish Cruises Whale Watching Tour

Bar Harbor Trip

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