The bridge in question is over 60 years old.

You know, when you talk about most other things that were built 60+ years ago, it's usually followed by phrases like "They don't build 'em like that anymore." But in this case, discussing an old, tired bridge on one of Bangor's busiest stretches of road, that kind of age is a bit more looked down upon.

It's probably been there since the Interstate was put through that area way back in the day. And with it's age, the Maine DOT has put the bridge on it's top priority list, according to News Center Maine. Bids will begin at a later date, but it's expected to cost in the neighborhood of $20 million to build, and will be finished in 2025.

That seems like an awful long way away....

It is. But the bidding process won't start until 2023, so it'll be a minute before we start to see any action. Of course like every other bridge we've had replaced recently, it'll cause some delays and closures, but they hope to isolate that mostly to the nighttime, so as to affect the local businesses around it as little as possible.

According to a DOT spokesperson, bridges that are being replaced these days are built with the hope of lasting at least 100 years. With new technology and sturdier materials for building, we'll all cross our fingers that it's the case. Especially for all the headaches road construction on a highway can cause. Especially bridges.

But with 20,000+ cars a day going over that particular bridge, there's good reason to keep that bridge healthy. Obviously, Bangorians need it to get through just about every single day; it's an artery Bangor need to maintain. But don't worry, by the time they start the work, you'll have forgotten all about it and be psyched for more road construction!

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