Reader's Digest put out a list of foods to not put in the refrigerator and I couldn't help but look to see how much more I know than everybody else when it comes to what not to put in the fridge.

The hubs ALWAYS puts the ketchup in the refrigerator, which is a bit of a pet peeve of mine.  I prefer my ketchup room temperature and know that this is one of the items you don't put in the fridge.

Frankly, if I had it my way, the only things I really want to put in the fridge are apples, beverages and yogurt.  Those are really the only things I enjoy chilled.  Other things you put in the fridge, like salad dressings, condiments and the like, I tend to not like chilled and prefer at room temperature.

We are beholden to our need to preserve items for as long as possible which means the refrigerator is our cabinet of longer life for our foods, no matter if they are the star of the show (like tomorrow's steak) or a supporting friend (like, that A1 sauce).

So, to the list!  There are a few items on the don't-have-to-put-in-the-refrigerator list that I came across that legitimately surprised me.  These were things I always put in the fridge because, well, ... that's where I've always put them.  Perhaps my frame of mind is that I want to be sure my food stays good so I don't get sick and so I don't waste food/ waste money.

Here, we highlight a few items on the don't-have-to-put-in-the-refrigerator list that may help you clear some space in the ol' ice box and gain a new perspective on the foods we thought we knew so well.  Check out the full 20+ items at the Reader's Digest website, '20 Foods You Shouldn’t Be Putting in the Fridge'.

4 Things You Put In The Fridge That You Don't Have To

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