The Huffington Post on Thursday posted a video of its correspondent's trip to Bangor, Maine to answer the question, "Why are these voters still supporting Donald J. Trump?"

First, reporter Wajahat Ali talked with a few people in downtown Bangor to ask what they thought of the Republican nominee. Not surprisingly, none of the three people interviewed would tell Ali how they would vote in November. (It's kind of a Maine thing.)

Then, he interviewed people outside the Oct. 15 rally at the Cross Insurance Center. You can check out the video for yourself to hear the responses of these Bangorians.

While some early polls had Trump leading in the state's northern congressional district, which includes Bangor, more recent polls show Democrat Hillary Clinton with a narrow lead in the region.

Statewide, a poll released on Oct. 31 showed Clinton with a 4-point lead in Maine.

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