We've all seen that more and more people are moving to Maine.

Whether from across town or across the country, getting new neighbors is a memorable -- and sometimes stressful -- experience. I am getting new neighbors and it's freaking me out a little. I keep thinking... Will they like us? Will they think we are weird? Will we like them? Will we think they are weird?

They most certainly will think we are a little strange when they look out the window and see my crazy kids running out the door in their underwear and me yelling, "You need to put pants on before you go out!!" Ha ha ha!

I am the classic mom meme that says, Spring: "The season to open windows and smell the flowers, feel the blowing breeze and hear the yelling of the moms who forgot the windows are open."

So, what are the dos and don'ts for welcoming new neighbors into the neighborhood?

1. DO a brief introduction of yourself and your family but DON'T overstay. Sometimes LESS IS MORE when first meeting someone.

2. DO share relevant information about the neighborhood and community but DON'T be a gossip queen. Share the positive things like restaurants, attractions, or local services that you utilize. They will have plenty of time to figure out the negatives in your area so try not to scare them off too quickly.

3. DO a housewarming gift but DON'T forget people have allergies so make it a generic one and skip the cooked goodies.  The last thing you want to do is send your new neighbor to the hospital because you added a treat with something to which they were allergic.

4. DO try to keep the noise down (There are going to be noises, but DON'T be that neighbor that lets your dog keep barking outside for hours. No one likes that -- just saying.

5. DO be friendly and respectful but DON'T feel like you have to be best friends. Sometimes the best neighbors are ones we just say 'hi' to while passing by. It would be great if you and your families become best friends but if that doesn't happen, just be happy to co-exist.

6. If your new neighbor has kids, DO let them have play dates, but DON'T allow them to go over anytime they want. Keep your kids in your own yard until they are invited.  It might not seem like a big deal but I have seen neighborhood relationships go south because kids don't have boundaries with other people's property. Just wait for an invite or better yet invite them over.

I look forward to meeting my new neighbors but I honestly miss my neighbor Janice.  I wish her the best with her move.

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