Facebook is again in the hot seat this week since a discovery that a political profiling firm, Cambridge Analytica, was found to have obtained information indirectly by Facebook, via a personality quiz app.  Cambridge Analytica worked with the Trump election campaign for the 2016 Presidential election.

It's another scandal in a continual story for Facebook in which user info seems to be violated on mass scales and quite vulnerable to those that can take advantage of who we are, our beliefs and social influence.

It is estimated that the app collected 50 million profiles of Facebook users over a four year period. You could be one of those 50 million users whose information was taken, perhaps without your knowing.

I found this great article I wanted to share with you called 'Here's How to Which Apps Have Access to Your Facebook Account- and Delete Them" from Quartz.

I explain the steps the article takes in the video below.  The goal is to eliminate apps and change settings to help secure your information on Facebook.

Many people are turning to the #deletefacebook movement.  Would you join in on deleting Facebook... forever?

For more ways to protect your privacy on Facebook check out this article from Consumer Reports.com.

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