Most of us, will hopefully be able to answer never to that question. But a man in Bath has been attacked for the second time in less than six months. 88-year old Bath resident Norman Kenney got attacked at his home again, just last night. And it happened quickly.

He was simply headed into his house from the garage when he was attacked, mistaking the rabid fox for his cat. He heard a noise, and sure enough, he was jumped by a fox. Can you imagine? I'd feel like it was a pretty nutty occurrence anyway, but to have it happen again in such a short time? This is why I stay inside. Hahaha.

But, it also showcases that Norman Kenney may be about the baddest man in all of Maine. Last time this happened, he stood on the animal's neck until help could arrive. Last night, he wasn't quite as lucky. He was put to the ground in the struggle, and couldn't get up without the use of his cane, according to the Portland Press Herald.

But he held the animal down, trying to strangle it for almost 15 minutes before a neighbor happened to be jogging by and heard Kenney's calls for help. The neighbor managed to hold the animal down while Kenney got out his phone and managed to call 911. The responding officer shot and killed the fox.

Police in the area were already on pretty high alert for rabid foxes this weekend, as they'd responded to several calls from folks already. One man was bitten outside his home while out smoking, and another man just down the road was bitten as well. So it's obviously been quite the issue in the Bath area. They had 16 confirmed cases in 2019.

It goes to show you, even in the comfort of your own property, you still need to stay vigilant. I know it makes me think twice, considering I live out in the woods quite a bit, and seeing wild animals in my yard is not a new sight. So be careful out there! Keep your wits about you, and is you see any animal acting strange, call the police immediately.



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