The house that King lived in while writing "Pet Sematary" on the River Road in Orrington is also the location that inspired the novel.


Although there is said to be nothing left, this is also where you can find the real pet cemetery! In the late 1970s, the King family called this former rental, home. Located on a very busy road near the intersection of Center Drive, the home was an inspiration.

It is reported King's daughter, Naomi, had a cat that was hit and killed on this road. This is also where a young Joe King ran out in the road and was almost struck as well. It is easy to see from where the ideas for "Pet Sematary" came.

Unfortunately, the home comes with little trace of the Kings or the "Pet Sematary" as it has been picked over by disrespectful fans. The home at 664 River Road is currently for sale by owner and the best way to get information on the residence would be to call (207) 941-1095.

The home is listed on a real estate website for $255,000.

Now, let us be clear. This is not the house that was featured in the 1989 movie, the trailer for which you can view below. That house is located at 303 Point Road in Hancock.

By the way, did you know the home next to Stephen King's house in Bangor is for sale? You could have one creepy neighbor.

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