Three fresh new songs are coming your way this week!

Although you wouldn't know it, spring is set to officially arrive on Tuesday, March 20th! It may still feel like the deep freeze of winter, but some scorching new tunes will warm things up.

The chart performance of the first few singles from Taylor Swift's "Reputation" album have been underwhelming, compared to her usual dominance of the Top 40. "Delicate" may change that trend. In the video, Tay-Tay pays homage to the classic Whitesnake video "Here I Go Again", when she does a split on the hood of a car.

Charlie Puth is back with as tune that continues the funky Michael Jackson, almost disco sound of his last hit "How Long" With some help from Kehlani, "Done For Me" sounds perfect for a warm spring drive with the top down.

Dua Lipa follows up the number smash "New Rules", with "IDGAF" which should be familiar to anyone who understands texting lingo.

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