Last week, we told you about Heather Jo Doucette of Corinna who is looking to garner votes in this year's Inked Magazine contest. During the conversations on Facebook, however, we became aware that there are actually four Maine women in the running for this incredible contest.

The winner of the Inked Magazine contest gets to be the cover model for an issue of the tattoo-centered Ink Magazine as well as a $25,000 grand prize. Voting is still happening for round one to narrow down the contestants to 15 with the next rounds to come. The winner will be chosen on March 17.

Check out the ladies representing the 207 in this year's Inked Magazine Cover Model contest!

Heather Jo Doucette of Corinna

Heather is a mom of three sons who has a love of creating art. Her aspirations are to encourage creativity and inspiration with an art gallery/studio in Maine. Vote for Heather Jo here!


Bobbie Goulette

If you need a hype woman, Bobbie's your gal. She's got an MBA, has been working at her current place of employment for 31 years and definitely carries herself with a lot of soul. Vote for Bobbie here!


Mallory Clark 

Not only is she a woman who feels comfortable in her skin but, she's also recently married (lucky guy!) AND she's a professional bowler on the PWBA tour. Vote for Mallory here.

Kaycee Cintron

Kaycee likes to read books and isn't afraid of some fright. Her style is goth and horror, which is perfect when your home state is also the home state of the Master of Horror. Vote for Kaycee here!


Good luck to all of our Maine ladies! We've got some beautiful (inside and out) women representing us and we couldn't be prouder.

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