If you see Megan around town, tell her we said hello!

A couple of weeks ago, we posted a story about a woman who has a YouTube Channel called “The Megan Daily” that highlights her adventures traveling across the United States. She describes herself in rather charming terms as quote, "a licensed tour guide and actress with champagne tastes dancing her way through NYC on a tap-water budget!:-) She recently decided to leave the hustle and bustle of Manhattan behind to take a trip here to Bangor, for a visit to Stephen King’s house, but apparently, she decided to stick around the area and try some things that are 100% Maine.

Let’s face it, if you have never been to town, there are just certain things that you simply must try. One of them is the sinfully decadent and delicious, lobster ravioli at Timber Kitchen & Bar. So, so good!

She also paid a visit to our friend James at Bangin’ Whoopie, which if you don’t know has 45 crazy good flavors of Maine’s favorite dessert.

No trip here is complete without a stop to see our most famous landmark, the one and only, Paul Bunyan!

Some say it is the best lobster roll around, at The Eagle’s Nest, located on North Maine Street, in Brewer

We have culture here too, by the way. Penobscot Theatre Company puts on amazingly brilliant productions year-round

And for good measure, Megan decided to get down on the ground and make a snow angel on Union Street Hill.

Looks like Megan has enjoyed her time here in Bangor, come back and see us anytime!

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