Last week I posted a picture of a dead fly on my desk. It appeared there over the weekend and somehow met its demise at my workstation.

As I posted, nothing starts the first moments of your workweek like discovering a dead fly where you sit to do your work.

Townsquare Media Bangor, Sarah Nickerson
Townsquare Media Bangor, Sarah Nickerson

Nothing says 'Welcome to work' like walking in with a dead fly on your desk. #MondayExpectations

It is that time of year when insects start moving inside buildings. It's warm, there's food around and, frankly, people are inside the buildings and we can make great company sometimes. We are seeing a surge of houseflies, fruit flies and ladybugs, and it's really nothing unusual at this time.

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So, when I saw it, it wasn't surprising since they were buzzing around my room the past week or so. But, there is something that strikes you when you walk into work and unexpectedly come across a dead thing where you do your work. On the other hand, it's kind of perfect for a Monday, is it not?

Some great comments followed after posting my picture and I had to share some funny ones that made me giggle. Here's how people turned the strange event into a funny happening that made it not so traumatic, at least for me. Haha!


"It's like he just collapsed! "


"Hey, at least it's not in your ear!  *See reference *


"He was there for good time, not a long time."


"No buzz this morning!?"


"I'd be mad at whoever forgot to feed him."


"Have you ever seen The Amityville Horror?.... "


"Better than a horse head in your bed. But I'd watch out. Lol"


"eat it, stop being soft, go to town"


"Buzz kill"


"Obviously - he was DYING to be on your show !"


"Just napping not dead.... yet."

There were some great GIFS and photos that accompanied the post that I cannot share here but get the full experience at the post on my Sarah Z Morning Show Facebook Page. Thanks for the giggles, guys!

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