So, maybe it's time to face it that the Maine June Primaries and possibly even the November Presidential election are going to be quite different this year.

Governor Mills stated in the press conference yesterday there is a great chance that the primaries scheduled for June will be moved to July.

Let's just vote absentee just to avoid all the mess and confusion and that way we've done our civic duty while maintaining our new social norms post-COVID-19.  If you are a registered voter, you are already set to get started.

Here's how we vote 'absentee' in the State of Maine, as shown on the guide.

First, you gotta ask for a ballot which you can request by heading over to the Absentee Request page at  You can also request a ballot by contacting the municipal clerk in the town or city where you are registered to vote.

Then, you fill out your ballot and deliver the ballot back to the municipal clerk, or to the Secretary of State, Division of Elections.

According to the Absentee Guide website at, there is specific timing for absentee ballot requests:

"Absentee ballots may be requested beginning 3 months before Election Day, and until the 3rd business day prior to the election, unless special circumstances exist. Make your request early to allow enough time for the ballot to be mailed to you."

Lastly, you have any questions, contact your local municipal clerk or the Elections Division.

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