It happened again!

Maine Senator Susan Collins made the rounds on the Sunday morning political talk shows yesterday, and when she chatted with CNN's Jake Tapper, he committed the faux pas that make all residents of The Queen City cringe.

The great part about this clip is that his error occurs right at the beginning of the video, so you don't to endure any political discussion. As Jake Tapper introduces Senator Collins, he says "She joins us live from BANGER" The weird part was that Collins never corrected him, well it's weird to me anyway, because I go out of my way to make sure I tell someone the proper way to say it. Every single time, without exception!

My whole life, I have listened to people struggle with how say Ban-GOR the right way. Be it tourists, or like yesterday, when we were mentioned on the national news, or in movies and TV. After teaching them how to pronounce it, I also direct them to a very clever music video put together a few years back.

Throw in some local celebs like Todd Simcox, Steve McKay, Danny Cashman and some other well known area peeps, write a funny song that parodies "We Are The World" and you have "We Are Bangor."

This video was a huge hit when it was posted to YouTube, in fact it's been viewed over 346,000 times in the past six years! Now watch it...and remember it's Ban-GOR!!! There is even a helpful sing-a-long if you get stuck. Also, if someone could get this to Jake Tapper, that would be fantastic.

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