We wrap up February with some fresh tunes!

Not that we are counting, but Spring will be here on March 20th. And since we have had some mild temps this week, everyone is in a upbeat mood, so it's the perfect time for some new music.

"Heat Waves" is a song from the English group Glass Animals. The music video is really cool It features band member Dave Bayley walking through the streets of East London pulling a wagon stacked with several TVs, filmed by his neighbors using their phones during the COVID-19 lockdown.

"Up" is the latest from Cardi B. It’s second single from her second album. It goes without saying the song has some NSFW lyrics, so if you crank the tune up at work, be careful!

"Monsters" is a tune from the rock band All Time Low featuring Blackbear, with some vocals from the amazing Demi Lovato. All Time Low, Lovato, and Blackbear teased the collaboration on social media prior to release, all sharing similar artwork, which led fans to believe a collaboration was underway.

Also, we have some breaking news. Coming up on March 3rd, Maroon 5 will finally drop some new music. Their last single was "Memories", which was released in September of 2019, so it's been almost a year and a half! “Beautiful Mistakes” features Megan Thee Stallion, and we will have it next Wednesday! They have been teasing it on their Twitter page, and we are so ready for some new music from Adam and the guys.

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