This past year, and even to start the new year, has been pretty stressful.  There are many ways to cope with the stress and anxiety that we've had to endure with the pandemic, civil strife and political division.  One way we can cope is by creating a toolbox of our own to cater to caring for ourselves in particular stressful times.

Recommendations for this actual box of stress-relief from psychiatrists and therapists include things that make you laugh, things that distract you or make you feel relaxed.  They could be notes of inspiration, a hobby that you like to do, a stress ball, a scented candle.  A box filled with happiness and that gives you comfort when you feel really stressed.

Some recommendations for your box would be a including items that feely homey, like Maine-inspired items.  I would include a concert ticket of my first concert ever at Old Orchard Beach or a concert ticket of seeing my favorite band for the first time at the Cumberland County Civic Center in 1998.  You could also include an old picture from a vacationing on Sebec Lake or hiking in the Katahdin region.

I would also want to include the smells of Maine, such as maple syrup or pine needles, or the tastes of Maine, a little bag of Humpty Dumpty potato chips.

Of course, living in the State of Maine, we live in an area where we can decompress just by looking out the window.  Maybe just a note reminding you to look out the window may be all you need to relieve some stress in an era where stress is all around us.

Here are some recommendations for your 'Mainer Anxiety Toolbox'.


12 Items for Your Mainer Anxiety Box In Times of Stress


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