It is January here in Maine and you would think that the ice is thick enough no matter what pond you want to stand upon, but, as mentioned in our 'Tips For Checking Ice Thickness Right Now in the State of Maine' article we put out last week, the Maine Warden's Service is still leery about us getting on the iced over ponds and lakes.

Now that we have provided you with the tips to check for ice thickness we wanted to provide you with some preparedness tips on what to do if you do break through the ice.

Of course, exercising caution is your most advantageous choice but here are some tips from the Maine Warden's Service and the Maine Department of Wildlife and Inland Fisheries to survive breaking through the ice this winter.


Step 1: Don't Panic

Step 2: Don't try to climb out immediately

This could cause more ice to break.  Instead, reach for solid ice by doing the following: lay both arms on the unbroken ice and kick hard.

Step 3: Onto the ice, now roll

Do not stand once you are on the ice.  You need to distribute your weight by spreading out your body weight.  It is suggested that you roll to safety.

If you are helping someone who has fallen through the ice, again, DO NOT STAND to retrieve them.  Lie down flat and use a branch, plank or rope or to help form a human chain.

Be careful out there and try to keep this info in your mind when out on the lakes this winter.

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