February 29th comes but once every four years.  But, a leap day that falls on a Saturday...?  Well, that calls for a time to celebrate the day that makes this year a freakin' leap year with an extra weekend day.......... FREE BEER!!!

An extra day that happens to fall on a Saturday truly calls for a killer promotion, like..... FREE BEER!  Miller Lite is offering a free 24-pack this Saturday for the extra 24 hours we have this year.  Apparently, this is the first leap year Saturday since 1992 and this could be the day that changes all leap year days.

On Saturday, Miller Lite will post a QR code to its social media- Instagram and Twitter.  You'll have to scan QR code where you can share a receipt for the 24-pack purchased on Leap Day.  You'll be refunded via PayPal.

There you go!  Enjoy the extra day of the year and a free case of beer!

Happy 'Leap Day' Day!

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