Photo Credit: Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images
Photo Credit: Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images

If you plan on buying with Amazon this year why not do it AND be able to contribute to a great cause, without having to spend more.

AmazonSmile is an Amazon shopping site where you shop for the things you look for on the regular Amazon website but, a portion of your eligible purchases, 0.5%, goes to a charity of your choosing.  And, yes, you can still use your current Amazon account- just gotta go to a different site:

You're going to shop online anyway so here's a way that you can always support a local charity that you already support.  Plus, this isn't a seasonal thing- you can choose to buy from any time of year and still accumulate money for your favorite local charities.

There are plenty of Bangor-area charities for you to choose from.  We found 75 Bangor-area charities that run the gambit of charity types, from literacy to veterans, chess clubs to environmental causes.

Here is your chance to shop with a local focus in mind while still getting the great deals that you expect from shopping at Amazon.

Here are the Bangor-area charities that you can choose to donate to while you make your Amazon purchases this year using the AmazonSmile website.

For more information about AmazonSmile, visit the AmazonSmile about page and check out the full list of Bangor area charities.

Bangor Area Charities to choose from for your Amazon Smile

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