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One way to meet new friends is to show them how much you like the King of Horror.

Here are the coolest Stephen King-themed T-shirts we found on Amazon.

Derry, Maine Sewer Shirt

Everybody knows Derry -- the setting for Stephen King's "It" --  is based on Bangor, Maine -- King's hometown. We like the T-shirt, but we'll pass on the sewer tour, though. The chances of running into Pennywise are much higher below ground.



All Work, No Play Shirt

This shirt, inspired by King's "The Shining," lets people know you like to make time for fun when you're not being possessed by evil spirits at a haunted hotel who want you to murder your family.

Pop Threads via Amazon

Stephen King Rules Shirt

This one's a classic that says what it means and means what it says.

Northwest Retailers via Amazon

All Hail the Crimson King Shirt

King's antagonist in the Dark Tower series is one bad dude. He is the "eater of worlds," after all. Is there anything badder than that? We also like it because it comes in a ton of different colors.

Pop Threads via Amazon

Friends Shirt

So, this is what all the King villains do when they're not terrorizing others. Interesting. But who could they be talking to via the Ouija board? Never mind. We don't even want to know.

Charliemateno via Amazon