It looks like there are a few ways you can help out a great local organization that wants to help area senior friends keep their pets happy and healthy.

Eastern Area Agency on Aging's outreach program the Furry Friends Food Bank is an organization that distributes pet food and items to hundreds of low-income older adults in the Bangor area. And, this weekend, Furry Friends Food Bank is holding a few fundraisers this weekend in Brewer and Hermon that you can visit and donate to this great cause.

Brewer Yardsale At Twin City Plaza

Starting at 9 AM in Brewer, you can be part of their first fundraiser of the day which is a yard sale at the Durgin Center in Brewer.

This Brewer location is a part of the Eastern Area Agency on Aging organization and provides events, classes, meals, and a meeting place at the Twin City Plaza for area seniors. Take advantage of one of the first yard sales of the season from 9 AM - 11 AM at the Durgin Center. You'll find new items at the yard sale that have been donated by area businesses.


Hermon Fundraiser at Danforth's Supermarket

Also starting at 9 AM, the Girl Scouts will be stationed at Danforth's to collect pet food and monetary donations for the Furry Friends Food Bank. Girl Scout Troup 1344 will be taking your donations.

This fundraiser will go until 11 AM with both fundraisers donating 100% of proceeds to the Furry Friends Food Bank.

Keeping our local furry friends healthy and happy is important for our community's seniors and here is your chance to help out this great cause.

For more about the program, check out the Eastern Area Agency on Aging's webpage about this special program for our area seniors.

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