There's no doubt adopting a puppy can be fun and exciting. But it can also be an awful lot of work. And while you might not immediately think of it, while some folks gravitate towards the cuteness of a young new dog, there are plenty of benefits of considering adopting an older dog.

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That's kind of at the heart of the mission behind the organization "Suzie's Senior Dogs":

"Bringing awareness to overlooked, homeless senior dogs and the benefits to adopting an older pet."

And they've got one older pooch, Oliver, that is right here in Maine, waiting for his chance to settle into a forever home.

Oliver is 7 years old. He was surrendered in 2020, and has been in shelters or foster care since, first down south, and eventually making his way to foster care here in Maine.

"Oliver is seeking an adopter who will be a steady companion in his life and give him lots of healthy boundaries. He thrives with leadership and has had lots of difficulty finding the right relationship."

Oliver the dog, Susie's Senior Dogs Facebook
Oliver the dog, Susie's Senior Dogs Facebook

At the Underground Railroad, a volunteer-based animal welfare organization in Camden, dedicated to rescuing homeless, abused, and neglected dogs, they've been working with Oliver, and say he'd make a great addition to an all adult home.

"Sometimes he gets a little overly excited and will jump up showing how happy he is to see you. He loves going for walks and would make a great companion to hit the trails with. Oliver is a good passenger and enjoys car rides, especially if stopping by for his favorite treat- a puppinccino. Oliver would do best with an adult-only home, he does not like kids at all."

Oliver is being fostered in Skowhegan at the moment. If you're interested in giving Oliver a shot at a permanent place to stay you can email with questions or apply!

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