I know what you are going to say - the Town of Owl's Head, Maine is not lost!  You were just there last summer, right?

Well, it turns out the Town of Owl's Head and the Village of Owl's Head are (were?) two completely different places.  In fact, they are in completely different parts of the state.  The current Owl's Head is on the coast, while the "lost" Owl's Head is near the Western Maine town of Buckfield.

While it appears that Owl's Head was at least partially inhabited into the mid-1990s, nobody has lived there in several decades.  At present, there are only a handful of structures left.

In the Summer of 2020, a couple of urban explorers visited the site.  PLEASE NOTE: we do not condone trespassing or the destruction of property.  Not only can entering a building or other structure without permission be illegal, it can be dangerous

The Village of Owl's Head

The long lost village of Owl's Head, Maine is located a short distance from the Western Maine town of Buckfield. Check out these photos and watch the video of a 2020 exploration of the village HERE

According to the research done by the urban explorers, the area was first settled at about the same time the Revolutionary War got kicked off.  The first settlers were attracted by the great numbers of game in the area.  A series of settlements quickly sprang up throughout the region.  The village got its name from the nearby Owl's Head Mountain.

Following the conclusion of the Revolutionary War, the area grew.  Soon, there would be twenty houses in the town.  Many of the settlers were attracted by the good soil, and few rocks, making it great for farming.

Based on artifacts the explorers found, it appears people lived there into the 1980s, maybe even the 1990s.  However, they're all gone now.

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