Harry Styles had the most epic reaction to a couple getting engaged at one of his concerts.

On Monday (Nov. 8), Styles performed in Portland, Oregon, and was left speechless after a sweet proposal took place in the audience. Styles joked that he was on stage for the last hour and the attendee named Kyle "swung in and in fifteen seconds you've stolen the whole thing."

"I have to say I'm incredibly honored you chose to do that here, so thank you," he added. "Wow! I'm absolutely flabbergasted! I don't know what to do."

Styles advised that the couple keep Roxy's last name, Suki, instead of Kyle's last name which sounded something like, "Malbra."

A fan captured the moment on video and posted it to TikTok which received nearly half a million likes.

This isn't the first time that a proposal happened at Styles' tour. At his Detroit, Michigan concert, a fan popped the question in the crowd. “Did you just get engaged in the middle of the song? Congratulations, I’m gonna cry!” Styles said.

The "Watermelon Sugar" singer previously helped a fan with their engagement troubles. The female fan held up a sign that read, “Convince my boyfriend to propose.” He asked their names and information about the pair who have been together for several years.

"What’s the hold up, Lucas? You love each other, you’re best friends, just do it," Styles advised. "You don’t have to do it now, but she’s your best friend so do it. Give her what she wants."

"Let me look in his eyes…" he added. "Yeah, he’s gonna do it. Again, doesn’t have to be now, but... do it now!" Unfortunately, Lucas did not do it now but the two still have an epic story about Harry Styles giving them relationship advice.

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