Back In The Day Café fans, this is for you!

Sometimes some of the greatest pop songs of all time are from artists that make a huge impact then are never heard from again on the charts. September 25th is now known as “National One Hit Wonder Day”

One of our favorite things to do on the Back In The Day Café is to play these iconic songs every weekday during the noon hour.

Here are some “one and done” tunes from the 90’s and 00’s that still hold up. There are hundreds and hundreds more, so if we missed one that you love, feel free to let us know!

We like big butts...and we cannot lie!

Semisonic had a huge hit song about the last call for alcohol

Prince wrote it, but Sinead made it legendary

Just like Stiffler's Mom, Stacy's had it goin' on

We defy you to hear this and NOT do the dance from "A Night at The Roxbury"

Any band that was on an episode of 90210 can't be all bad

We don't recommend you wear your jeans backwards, but this song is a classic 90's jam!

Make fun of us if you want, but the chorus in this song will stick in your head for days, or possibly give you acid reflux

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