Saturday, September 25th, is National Lobster Day over all over the country, although here in Maine, that's pretty much every single day really.

If they avoid the lobster pot, some of them can live up to be 100 years old. While lobsters arrive at our tables bright red, they don’t start out that way. In the ocean, they come in many different colors. Some are yellow, green or even blue. A guy I know recently caught a blue one!

Back in 2014, Senators Angus King and Susan Collins of Maine, drafted a joint resolution designating September 25th as National Lobster Day. This proclamation recognizes the men and women in the industry.

There are so many examples of people enjoying Maine's most famous export!

The Maine Diner in Wells, has served thousands of customers over the years and one reason could be that they serve lobster dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner! The breakfast there is available all day long.

For breakfast, you can start out with lobster eggs benedict, for lunch, a delicious lobster roll, and for dinner they have their most famous dish, baked lobster pie!

So, if your travels bring you anywhere near Wells, stop in and enjoy three squares a day of Maine's most famous delicacy.

A gentleman named James of the YouTube channel "Coolist", travels all over the planet in search of the coolest places and things. In his latest video he takes on our pride and joy, the Maine Lobster Roll.

Back in 2017, Yankee Magazine decided to send a writer to Maine to decide which lobster roll was the best of the best. McLoon’s Lobster Shack in South Thomaston was the big winner, so James decided he needed to form his own opinion. With COVID-19 making this virtually impossible, a company called Goldbelly came to the rescue.

Goldbelly is an online marketplace for regional foods throughout the United States. Goldbelly features products from restaurants, bakeries, delis, etc. across all 50 states.

James digs into McLoon’s DIY lobster roll kit. Each lobster roll kit has pretty much all you will need, including separate containers of lobster meat, rolls, mayonnaise, Casco Bay Artisan Sea Salt Butter, roll sleeves and an easy to use instruction card..

If you are interested in enjoying this for yourself, or someone else, https://mcloonslobster.com can hook you up!

Have you heard of Zagat? Their job is to rate the best restaurants and night life in the biggest cities in the world and pass the info over to you. I remember clutching on to my Zagat guide the first time I went to New York City.

Molly Moker is a Zagat editor and she decided to give up the bright lights and big cities for the simple life of the great state of Maine and her quest was simple, track down Maine's best lobster roll.

Molly hit Wiscasset, Portland, Freeport, South Thomaston and even McDonald's during her search. Based on this video, it looks she didn't mind the assignment.

Super Chef Gordon Ramsay, visited Maine and made the ultimate lobster BLT sandwich, made with local bacon, local lobster, seaweed butter, eggs, and two mouth-watering pieces of bread.

The coolest part of all is that he is made this tasty treat at the iconic Marshall Point Lighthouse, which is at the entrance of Port Clyde Harbor in Port Clyde, Maine. The light station was established in 1832 and is truly one of Maine's most breathtaking locations.

A Taste of Maine is a legendary restaurant has been serving up delicious seafood since 1978. They have a few claims to fame, one being a giant inflatable lobster that sits on top of the roof, and covers about 75% of it, and the other is their claim that they serve "The World’s Largest Lobster Roll."

These bad boys are 22-inches long, and it has become a dare that many customers have taken on over the years. In fact, should you finish this beast, you become an official member of "The Clean Plate Club" which based on the sheer size of this lobster roll, is no easy feat.

Many people have filmed videos of themselves attempting this daunting task. Check some out, and if you happen to be in the Woolwich area, look for the giant inflatable lobster!

The Best Restaurants in Downeast Maine for Lobster

So when your hungry out-of-state relatives or friends come to our great state, where do you take them for a mouth-watering lobster dinner?

The answer to that often asked question will be top of mind for a lot of Mainers this season, as thousands of tourists, relatives, and friends drive hundreds if not thousands of miles to take in the sights and eat what our state is most famous for, lobster.

Whether it's a lobster salad, in a hot dog roll, a broiled tail, thrown into a pot of boiling sea water, or god forbid, made into a lobster poutine, people near and far crave it, and as soon as they make it into this neck of the woods it'll be what they have for dinner that night.

While each of us already have a few favorite snack bars, take-outs, and restaurants in mind, it would be wrong of this author to pass along those personal suggestions. So, we're going to rely on the reviews of TripAdvisor to point our visitors in the right directions. We've focused on the Ellsworth and Mount Desert Island area, and here is what we found as we count our way up to the #1 most recommended place for lobster Downeast.

Enjoy National Lobster Day!

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