It's amazing what Ring doorbells catch on camera.

I've lived in Hampden for a few years now and felt basically safe there. I even have a friend on the Hampden police force that was telling me how great a town it is as far as super low crime rates. But that doesn't mean no crime at all. In fact, are residents catching would-be burglars on their doorbell cams?

I belong to the Living in Hampden Facebook page and saw a post where someone was asking other residents if they'd ever had complete strangers leaving their water bottles on their front steps, and then stopping at their house and hydrating before completing their run. But as the conversation went on, it got sketchier.

Other people started chiming in with similar stories.

As the thread got deeper, this same woman said the person came back, and helped themselves to a tour of their yard. The woman's husband said something to the jogger through the doorbell app, and the jogger immediately beat feet outta there. Other people talked about finding their hose left on.

So is this a case of entitlement, or actually casing the house for future robberies? Obviously hard to say for sure, but why would a total stranger leave their water bottle on another stranger's steps, and then come back through for another sip, and tour of the backyard? I'll say it... It sounds beyond sketchy to me.

Maybe it's all nothing, but it makes me definitely want to double down and keep my house even more secure than usual. Of course, when someone hears my dog bark, they will run the other way anyway. But man... What a great reminder to keep track of who comes and goes from your yard.


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