This year felt like any other pre-pandemic year.

For real. There were so many things about this past weekend that made you feel like you could just close your eyes and pretend it was 2019 all over again. For instance, I was travelling inbound from Holden on Saturday, and got to see the intense traffic from folks trying to make it down to Bar Harbor. Traffic was literally backed up for miles.

And of course, the private fireworks displays people put on this year got even more intense. In a good way. Well, aside from people and animals that suffer from various forms of PTSD because of fireworks, lots of back yard junior pyromaniacs were putting on crazy displays of their own.

But this year, Bangor took the cake...

This year's city fireworks were pretty over-the-top this year. It was well done, and lasted for a good long time. But one of the coolest parts was that in the Maine Savings Amphitheater, the Bangor Symphony Orchestra also put on an amazing performance to go right along with the fireworks, making it even more special.

It was all America themed, as you'd expect. With the fireworks and the symphony, it was the perfect combo on a lazy summer night in Bangor. Although, I did get a chuckle at all the folks picking their seats out in various spots in Bangor and Brewer. They were getting settled as early as 7:00pm, and the real show didn't start until after dark.

If you want to re-live it, or check it all out for the first time, scope the video above. It was so cool to see Bangor throwing down a 4th like you see in the big cities...


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