If you're from Hampden, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

If you're not from Hampden, there's still a chance you know what I'm talking about. I'm talking about the house that's been sitting empty for god-knows-how-many-years, but nothing done with it. It's been developed around for decades, leaving people to wonder how it always escaped what little "gentrification" Hampden has experienced.


When I was a kid, maybe right up through high school, a family lived in there. With no disrespect intended in any way, the woman who lived there was a bit on the eccentric side, wearing nothing but the color white from head to toe, year round. But as far as I've understood, it's been years and years since anyone lived there.

For a long time, the house had some pretty big historical significance.

Until 1987, Hannibal Hamlin's original law office was in the back part of the house. In 1987, the Hampden Historical Society managed to get it moved over to the Kinsley House on Main Road South, where the historical society operates out of. I'm assuming that whomever actually owned the house was either holding out fo more money, or just on principle. These are called nail houses.

In that case, a home owner refuses to sell out to developers, and often projects are completed around the person, as opposed to that person agreeing to leave. It's never a situation that benefits anyone.

But now, none of that matter, because the house is gone.

It seems like the demolition process is finally over. It seemed like it was in the flirting stage forever, but folks will be completely surprised when they drive by and see nothing but an empty spot where the house was. It totally changes the vibe of downtown, it's crazy! Progress seems to finally be underway.


Now word on what's headed into that spot, if anything. It could be a nice breather on the corner of 1A and Western Ave. Maybe expand the intersection a bit to make traffic flow better? Hard to say. As soon as word comes around, we'll follow up...

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