When I was in high school, minimum wage was like $3.65/hr.

Granted, you'd hope after 30+ years, that minimum wage would've gone up a smidge. One could further argue that it should be a lot higher than it is after 30+ years. I tend to agree. I literally remember thinking how cool it would be if it ever got up to $10 an hour. That seemed like big-time money of the future.

Sadly, the current wage isn't much higher than what it was. It's taken a decent jump over the years. As opposed to the federal minimum wage which is still stuck at $7.25 an hour. How could that even still be a thing? Luckily, over the last several years Maine has done what they can to try and increase the minimum to a more livable wage.

January 1st will bring a decent raise to the minimum wage in Maine.

I'm not for a second implying that this is high enough. I wish everyone had an opportunity to better themselves. But at least it's way above the federal wage. Right now in Maine, the state minimum is $12.75/hr. On January 1st, that will go up $1.05 to $13.80/hr, according to News Center. For some families, this will be a help.

Not a huge help, but any extra money right now in the face of a crazy heating season, is a boon. Again, this isn't going to fix everyone's problems, but it's nearly a $2100/year rise in pay. When you look at the math that way, it's definitely not nothing. This could afford someone the payment for a used car, or maybe better afford the bills they have.

It'd be downright blessed if everyone in the world didn't have to worry about things like money, especially when there's obviously so much of it out there. But it is what it is. Luckily, Mainers are a resilient bunch, so we'll always find a way. But it's definitely a bit easier with a little extra in the bank.

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