You know about Hampden Academy Jazz Bands and Show Choir and their efforts to raise money to go to Orlando Florida to perform, be judged and attend music workshops, at the STARS Performance Program at Universal Studios.

So far, there has been some creative and fun ways to raise much needed funds. And as of yesterday, their biggest fundraiser to date has begun, an online auction.  The auction has over 50 items available, at all price points.  The auction will run until Sunday, July 11th.   Here is where you can check it out

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Nancy Fenders, President of Hampden Academy Music Association says

“Putting together the auction I was so humbled by the community support.  It really means a lot to our students, especially after the last year, to be able to participate in this trip.  There are a wide variety of items available, there is really something for everybody.”

This truly is local shopping, and it is a win-win. Find gift baskets, art, crafts, tickets, sports items, food, coffee and many other unique items.  Remember, the auction ends July 11th, so set yourself a reminder to check back in and scroll through the items one last time to make sure you haven’t been out bid on something you really, really want.

In the mood for music?  Hampden Academy's R&B Project will be performing a free concert tomorrow evening, (Wednesday, June 23rd), at 6:30 outside of Hampden Academy.  Bring a chair and watch and listen to the talented students perform.

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