How about the Press Box at Hampden Academy turf field, beginning Wednesday the 21st. The homecoming football game is Friday the 23rd 

The question is does he spend one night sleeping in the Press Box. Or two? 

This is the 2nd year for the Hampden Academy Music Association’s Free The Principal event.  

Courtesy Hampden Academy
Courtesy Hampden Academy

Hampden Academy Principal Bill Tracy spent 2 nights in the press box last year:

Quality rest is not a great way to describe my nights in the press box. It was definitely worth it, to help our Music programs, but it was pretty tight quarters and a bit chilly at the end of September

Oh, oh. Sounds like he's wavering

Oh no. I know it is weird, but I'm looking forward to the event again this year. While I'll be away from my family for a few days, it's worth it if we can raise the funds for our music students

The goal is to raise $2,200 by the end of the Friday night football game.  Last year $2,800 was raised. 

Nancy Fenders President of Hampden Academy Music Association says

It takes a special person to do this kind of event. We are hoping to be able to take the H.A. band and chorus students to New York City to perform.

There will be donation buckets at all the H.A. events on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. 

And all money raised supports the music students at Hampden Academy. The Hampden Academy Music Association supports the music students at Hampden Academy. 

Over 120  Hampden Academy students are enrolled in the music department’s course offerings, which include classes such as jazz band, show choir, band, chorus, music theory and more 

Events include the Powder Puff football game on Wednesday. That is when Principal Tracy is escorted to his sleeping quarters in the Press box. 

 Then Thursday at 5 p.m. it’s Girls Varsity Field Hockey and at 6 p.m. taking place at The Stable, Girls Volleyball. 

 Friday’s homecoming football game begins at 7 p.m.  There will also be a 50-50 ticket raffle at the game, as Principal Tracy keeps all fingers crossed hoping people buy lots of those tickets so he can go home after the football game that night. 

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