You have to respect those upstanding citizens who are really committed to keeping their bodies a temple.

They eat right, they stay away from vices and are willing to go for a run during a snowstorm.

This guy, I'm assuming, is that upstanding citizen.  But really, he is all of us trying to get through the final of weeks of winter right now.

This video comes from Boston and shows a jogger unassumingly jogging through our last storm before slipping and falling on the snowy sidewalk.  All of this while a wicked pisser of a Nor' Easter unleashing two-feet of icy madness passes along.

What is most astounding is his unbroken spirit to jump right up after falling and continuing on his journey.  He re-centers himself before bouncing back into his right-left-right-left rhythm envisioning a triumphant return to his dry, warm home.... only to fall a second time.

Poor guy.

But, he is all of right now.  Just trying to muddle through the final leaps of winter, envisioning the dawn of spring and the return of green grass, singing birds and unbridled sunshine.

We will endure and fall but rise up again.  Because, that's what we New Englander's do.  We endure.

Go forth, Jogger guy.  You must prevail.  Because WE must prevail.  Onward to SPRING!!!

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