One of the guests was having a medical emergency and the good news is the groom was a doctor!

Pattye Grant

Pattye Grant's daughter, Molly, was getting married at River Winds Farm and Estate in Saco. Everything was perfect. Until the ceremony when all of a sudden there was a medical energy. Pattye's uncle needed attention immediately. Here's how she describes what happened on Facebook:

I do not belong to a Saco or Biddeford Facebook page but hope someone here does and can pass this message along. On behalf of the Grant Family, I would like to thank the Saco Fire Department, Saco Police Department, Saco Emergency Team along with the Biddeford EMTs who responded to our emergency this past weekend at our daughter’s wedding at River Winds Farm and Estate in Saco. Most importantly, we are so grateful and fortunate that our now son-in-law, Daniel, is a doctor and several nurses and doctors were in attendance. Daniel left the alter and along with his colleagues began working on my uncle. Except for their vows, the most wonderful thing we heard was when Daniel said, “Welcome Back” to him. He is, without a doubt, alive as a result of these amazing people. Thank you to all the First Responders everywhere, who do this every day and night and don’t feel like heroes but just feel like they’re doing their job. Many thanks to River Winds and Blue Elephant Catering for helping keep our guests calm, happy, and the day organized as we moved forward through an amazing wedding.
Pattye Mo Grant

'Welcome back' and 'I do' two of the most important phrases at this wedding.

This was a Covid postponed wedding. But it turned out to be a beautiful night and a perfect wedding.

If you know anyone with the Saco Fire Department, Saco Police Department, Saco Emergency Team or the Biddeford EMT - let 'em know they are so appreciated.



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