YES!  We are still talking about this.

For the most part, I'm pretty much over it... but, still I am bitter.

But, there's good reason to come back to the pain that is the final season of Game of Thrones.  First of all, some of us may still be in denial that us fans would be nurtured for years with one of the greatest TV series in recent history, then writers and producers (CALLING THEM OUT: David Benioff and Dan Weiss) let it all fall apart so disastrously at the very end- so many loose ends, so many unanswered questions, so much potential and not at all satisfying (BRAN?!  REALLY?!).

Secondly, there is a super fan out there who compiled a great alternate eighth season that maybe, MAYBE, HBO could be inspired by.  That maybe, MAYBE, someone will do this series and it's fans justice.  Not likely, cause it costs a poop ton of money.  But, I digress.

Check out this video made by Think Story and published on YouTube last week.

This guy breaks down how the final season could have gone to have a better outcome not only for the storyline or the character arcs but to really tie up loose ends that have fans going, "wha...?"

Despite how things really ended up for the official finale in the series, his explanation helps comfort us in what should have been to really give this show it's final epic ending that we all wanted and deserved. <sigh>

Some, not all, of his changes included:

  • the Knight King conquering the battle at Winterfell,
  • Jamie is killed by a long lost character,
  • Bran uses his powers to take over a dragon (which should have happened and we shouldn't be talking like it didn't, gawd!),
  • and a big twist to do with the Knight King that people wouldn't see coming.
  • Oh, and Dani's preggos!!

But, who dies, who lives, the how and whys and, finally, who takes the throne (yes, there is a throne to take) are all re imagined.  Check it out and use your imagination, like, this could have been our reality.

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