Remote learning for kids of any age is not easy but, it is an opportunity to specialize what your child is exposed to, which includes incredible books.

Luckily for us in the Bangor area, the Bangor Public Library is offering 'Zero contact, book pickup', so you can order your library book online and pick up at a convenient time.

If you are looking for books to fill those educational gaps or even as gifts here is a great list to work off of.  The list includes books from infant to adult and are essentials for any child's foundational library.

It is important to develop healthy reading habits for your children.  Some tips from when it comes to developing a love of reading includes reading to your child, making reading a daily habit, and having a special spot.

Back to the list!  From cute classics to dystopian futures, this list has it all when it comes to exposing your child to literature.

Here is a list of little kids to bigger kids books that top the New York Library's 10 Most Checked-Out Books of All Time that you can check out for your littles.

Books to Check-Out for Remote Learning Supplementation


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