"People like quiet," one of the co-owners told the Planning Board in Trenton the other night.

The Wild Acadia Fun Park on Route 3 in Trenton has always been, well, a very fun place, with its rope climbing area, swings, water slides, miniature golf course and go-kart track.

Although it wasn't very fun last year as the nasty COVID-19 pandemic shut the place down for the season, and of course things this year may not be as close to normal as everyone would like as well.

So the owners have realized that times are tough owning just a fun park alone, and they have recently been approved by the Trenton Planning Board to build and then open a campground that will be located adjacent to the fun park, according to the Ellsworth American.

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The new campground would feature 48 full hook-up sites, 23 smaller sites to accommodate small campers and tents, 10 "walk-in" sites for tents, and a few other sites for uses yet to be determined.  The final approval for the new campground hinges on obtaining approvals from the Department of Environmental Protection, among others.

The owners of Wild Acadia Fun Park admit that they're "green people", and with that they'd like the final operation to be as quiet as it could be. This is why they're planning on running electrical service to the sites so that campers won't have to use noisy generators to power things, and why they would eventually do away with the go-karts and the track if given final approval for the campground.

If so it would be the second time a go-kart track goes bye-bye on Route 3 in Trenton, as the much-remembered Kartland closed down back in the very early '90s.

Go-kart lovers would still have a track to ride on though off the main thoroughfare between Bangor and Bar Harbor, as Big Jake's Go-Karts on Route 1A in Holden will presumably be opening for the season soon.

This author would like to stress that business at Wild Acadia Fun Park in Trenton will continue as usual this season, as presented by a recent Facebook post from the owners of the Park below.

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