Shout out of congratulations to the Glenburn School chess team for its recent win in the Maine Scholastic Team Chess Championships for 2022.

They won the state and now it is on to the national finals in Grapevine, Texas.

Imagine the thrill of getting on a plane for the first time. And flying for hours and hours to get so far away from home.

A memory.

That’s what the Glenburn School chess team is creating.

Tom Coleman is the school’s Gifted and Talented Director and Instructional Coach. That’s where the chess team comes in.

Tom became a chess player in college. Imagine what these kids are going to be doing by the time they get to college.

They have been trending towards success for the past few years.

The team had an undefeated regular season, did well all year at tournaments throughout the state, and won the right to represent Maine at the national finals.

Coach Coleman is proud of the team:

Winning Glenburn School their first ever State Championship in Chess.

They will be off to Texas for the National Middle School championship.

But it takes a village.


The Glenburn School Chess team is raising money to get the chess club to the National Championship tournament in late April.

A parent who has two sons on the team has started a Go Fund Me fundraising page, and here is the link. 

If you are skittish about using Go Fund Me and would like to participate in getting these kids to Texas for the tournament, you can write a check to Glenburn School and in the Memo section write Chess Club, and then mail or drop off the check to the school at 991 Hudson Rd, Glenburn ME 04401.

Jennifer McGraw is the parent who is assisting in the fundraising.

She says:

My kids have never been out of state let alone on a plane. I can’t speak for other parents, but I am so proud of the team and how far they have come. I want to do anything to help make it happen.

If you have a business that could help out, there are plans for Chess Shirt sponsorships opportunities for the shirts that the team will wear in competition at the Nationals in Grapevine.

I heard it through the grapevine, that Glenburn School Chess Team is going to do fine.

And will be creating a memory to last a lifetime. Glenburn and all of Maine are with you, all the way.

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