"It's a face only a mother could love."

Hands down, that's a harsh quote that has been around for decades and generations. When used to describe a human baby? Absolutely brutal and disrespectful.

But in the case of describing the monstrosity that was seen last week washed ashore at the water line on Kinney Shores Beach in Saco, Maine -- well, pretty dead one because it's really a bit of a frightening looking creature.

But at the same time, also hideously adorable?

Google Maps
Google Maps

Kinney Shores Beach in Saco, Maine

Maine is known for multiple amazing things. Delicious seafood. Picturesque landscapes (usually involving lighthouses.) And beaches. Maine doesn't have a tourist season for no reason -- it's because Maine is simply one of the best areas to come to during the summer months. Hands down.

From Ogunquit Beach and Old Orchard Beach to Long and Short Sands in York to Popham Beach in Phippsburg -- Maine just reeks of amazing beaches. Including Kinney Shores Beach in Saco, where photographer Susan Jacques (who is listed on Instagram as The MAINE Moment) came across a massive monkfish washed ashore from the rough surf caused by the basically two weeks of storms that hit us recently.

Google Maps / The Fish Locker via YouTube
Google Maps / The Fish Locker via YouTube

Monkfish in Maine

Now, while you won't exactly see a monkfish swimming along while you're kicked back on a beach getting some sun and relaxing, according to the Gulf of Maine Research Institute, monkfish live on sandy areas by the ocean floor and are found in the Gulf of Maine (which is pretty clear since Sarah's picture showed one washed up on Kinney Shores Beach in Saco.)

And, while Sarah's picture is amazing and it's actually pretty cool to see a monkfish so up close, as the comments section of her post mentions multiple times, it's also sad that the surf in Maine got so rough that it basically beached the monkfish and effectively ended its life.

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