Everyone is looking forward to a great night of music tomorrow, but be prepared to get wet!

It has been a pretty amazing summer on the Bangor Waterfront so far, with some killer shows still to come, including Train, who bring their "Definitely Not A Tour" to the Maine Savings Amphitheater, Friday evening.

As seems to be the case the last few months, you need to "know before you go" because once again, weather will play a role in the proceedings.

Here is how the forecast breaks down during concert hours:

5:00 pm

6:00 pm

7:00 pm

8:00 pm
Scattered Thunderstorms

9:00 pm

You can stop by any big-box store, or any of the many dollar stores we have in the area, to grab one of those cheap rain ponchos. It keeps you somewhat dry, but it is much easier to navigate than a heavy raincoat,

Sure, they don’t make much of a fashion statement, but they do get the job done for the most part. Turns out lots of people have the same idea, so it is best to get them as early as possible because they tend to sell out of them on concert days that call for rain.

An added bonus, they come in a small package that will fit in your pocket!

Here are the Bangor area dollar stores where you can find them:

    • Dollar Tree-276 State St, Bangor
    • Family Dollar-89 State St, Bangor
    • Dollar General-674 Main Rd Hampden
    • Dollar Tree-1115 Union St, Bangor
    • Dollar Tree-642 Stillwater Ave, Bangor
    • Dollar Tree-276 State St, Brewer

If the suspense is killing you, here is an example of what Train has been playing in their set lists on their current tour. You will notice all the hits are there, with a healthy dose of classic cover songs too:

AM Gold
Meet Virginia / The Joker
Everybody Wants to Rule the World
(Tears for Fears cover)
If It's Love
My Private Nation
Play That Song
Save Me, San Francisco
Marry Me
Calling All Angels / Faithfully
50 Ways to Say Goodbye
Hey, Soul Sister / Come and Get Your Love
Drive By / Hey Jude
Hotel California
(Eagles cover)
Drops of Jupiter

Stay dry, and enjoy the show!

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