It's always fun to see "people from home" make it big. And one could argue that an appearance on Conan O'Brien and a full page photo in the New Yorker would likely mean you have arrived. If that's the case, then recent John Bapst High School graduate Orono Noguchi has made it to her destination: The Big Time!

While still in high school at Bapst, Noguchi started posting her own music on sites like Soundcloud, while fan-girling her favorite musicians on YouTube and the like. Thanks to the magic of the internet, she started chatting and ultimately collaborating with a group of international musicians, working from different countries, to create the band Superorganism.

Its always fascinating to me how multiple people, from different ages and backgrounds, and living on different continents, can come together to make such a super-cool sound. This band is a great example how that works! On Facebook, they describe themselves as the following: "WE ARE SUPERORGANISM, WE ARE IN MAINE/LONDON, WE ARE EIGHT AND MULTIPLYING, WE HAVE BECOME SENTIENT."

A brief Google search, and you can find posts from all over about this new band and its cool, techno-indie-pop sound. They're currently wrapping up the U.S. leg of a worldwide tour, and have been making appearances all over the place, including this past week, on the Conan O'Brien show.

Check out Superorganism, fronted by John Bapst grad Orono Noguchi, and their Conan performance, and the official video for their super catchy single "Everybody Wants To Be Famous."

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