Bangor is full of great locations to bring friends, get a bite to eat, and grab some drinks. Downtown Bangor is a thriving hub of little bars and eateries that provide that real small-town feel that Bangor does very well. While I've never been to a pub or bar that I hated here in Bangor, I am curious what people in the area thought were considered 'Friendly Bars' in town.

What makes a bar a friendly one?

First of all, what makes a friendly bar? My initial reaction is that a friendly bar is one where the service makes me feel comfortable and meets my 'watering-hole' needs. After talking with someone, it was brought to my attention that the atmosphere of a bar also adds to the 'friendliness' of the bar, which is more reflective of the patrons of the bar than the staff. Either way, feeling welcomed, comfortable and safe in someone else's workplace while being able to engage with your friends or other patrons really seems to be the key to judging the friendliness of a bar.

Going to Facebook/The Metaverse to ask 'Who is friendly?'

I brought my question to the Metaverse to ask the thousands of FB people in the area where they've had a good time and have felt they've experienced a friendly bar in and around Bangor.


Many people chimed in and a few establishments in the area really seemed to prove themselves friendly based on those that responded out of my almost 5k friends. Here's what we found...

The friendliest bars in Bangor

We've left the most popular locations for our list below but plenty of bars were mentioned in my Facebook post. To be sure I represent 'the people' here's a list of the honorable mentions that definitely had some fans: Hightide, Paddy Murphys, Carolina's Sports & Spirits, Benjamins, Kostas, Bangor Beer Company, Orono Brewing, Sea Dog, Diamonds, Hideaway Lounge, Penny Lane in Brewer, Waverly, Queen City Cinema Club, 2 Feet Brewing, Brewsters, Pourhouse, Dysart's on Broadway, Capps.

These establishments were represented in the Facebook comments section but some stood out above the rest. Before checking out who was mentioned the most in the comments, take a second to vote for what you think the 'Friendliest Bar in Bangor' is. We've started with the locations mentioned in my Facebook comments section but you can add in a location if it's not on the list.

Now here's what was commented as the most popular contributions to my Facebook question 'What are the friendliest bars in Bangor'.

The Friendliest Bars In Bangor

Reaching out to our listeners, we asked where the friendliest bars in the Bangor area were. Many were mentioned but a few got so many mentions that we put together a list to showcase who our listeners thought deserved this amiable title. Behold!

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