Bangor's a small enough place that when a rumor starts to make the rounds, it doesn't take long for it to take off like wildfire.

And sometimes, when that rumor makes it back to the folks it's about, those folks feel the need to set some things straight, which is just what the management at Nocturnem Draft Haus did this week.

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The rumor was that the Nocturnem had been sold.

The truth is....not quite.

Taking to social media, they addressed the rumor and updated patrons with the actual facts and the reason behind some of the things that are currently in the works.

Owner Gene Beck wrote on the Nocturnem Draft Haus Facebook Page:

"I am currently seeking someone to continue the mission of Nocturnem Draft Haus into the future... I have contracted the services of a business broker to seek a buyer for the business. NDH is currently listed as “for sale” on several business listing pages... Everyone here is, and will be, still employed in their current capacities. I do not intend for that to change. Any potential buyer will have to satisfy my thoughts for the future continuation of the business."

Beck continued on to say that the process would depend on any potential buyer showing "worth, desire and passion" to continue the business Beck put together over a decade ago.

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Why does Beck want out? Simple: he wants to leave while before he becomes tired of the business. He said he started the bar 12 years ago, but has been in the restaurant business for 4 decades, and would eventually like to try something different.

So, to conclude: the bar's not been sold, but is for sale. And things won't be changing too much any time soon.

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