The year of the pandemic has bolstered the use of online ordering and getting items shipped to your house has become much more of a 'new-normal' for us.  But, along with increased personal usage of online orders is the added 'new-normal' of the hassle of returning items you've bought online.  It's time

If it's not frustrating enough trying to buy certain items online that you'd like to purchase in-person at a store, such as shoes or clothes, it's even more frustrating when you have to ship items back.

Luckily, Walmart has recently launched a free 'hassle-free' return system to ease the burden of these issues called 'Carrier Pickup by FedEx'.

As reported by CNN, Walmart is offering free return pick-ups from items purchased and sold through  Items will be picked up and returned by their shipping partner FedEx.

Purchasers of can arrange for free returns through their individual account or via the Walmart app.  These portals allow for arranging of item returns as well as provide information for labeling the box to ship the item back in.

One obstacle that people may come across is that a label will be provided to anyone signing-up to have items returned but will require a printer in order to ship the item.  But, if you are without a printer can head to your local FedEx to get the package labeled and ready for shipping.

The service is up and running now and will continue to be offered past the holiday season and into the new year.

For more information about Walmart returns, visit Walmart's 'Free Returns' page of their website.

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